Pato Says

Monday, July 18, 2016

So, for a few months new, I've been writing down some of the funny things that Pato has been saying.  Specifically, the words that he makes up. It makes me laugh because when he doesn't know a word for something, he'll just make one up. A lot of them are used to describe things...and..well, I'll just let ya read them:

Me: Let's go make our beds.
Pato: I can't. My bed's too close-y and too squiggly.


Pato: Mama, can you get more water in my cup?
Me: How about you do it?
pato: But, its all goo gooey!


I can't drink this water. It's too goopy.


Tomatoes are the smashiest. Yuck.


Is purple in the rainbow? I want it to be.


These stairs are too steppy.


Is Oscar awake? Can I cooch him?


While drinking orange juice with pulp: I don't like these little crumbies! 

Oh, Pato. If I could just keep you three forever! 

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