A Year of Oscar: Six Months!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Half a year has flown by, and I can say that these last six months with this sweetheart have been some of the happiest times of my whole life. Sure, we had to pack an entire house and move across the country when he was just two months old, but I swear, it's like I've almost forgotten the whole pain that was. This little guy right here is pure joy. I feel like everywhere we go, I catch people smiling at him and making funny little faces to get him to smile. I mean, I don't blame them! One little peek at that dimple and you just can't wait to see it again!

How would I describe O boy? He's one part honey-child, one part monster sleeper (come on, O! Let's get this night thing down already!) and 100% loverboy. Guys, I'm really good at math. I know that all made mathematical sense. 

Why, oh why, does time go by so quickly? As I was putting him to bed last night I thought, "I know every stage is wonderful. But dang, I really really love this baby stage here right NOW." Which of course, led me down to that big question: does the baby fever ever really go away? But, let's not go down THAT rabbit hole. Not today, anyway :)

A little more about this should see him eat. Or rather, you should see him watching other people. He just lunges right for anything you're about to put in your mouth. He looks at your food so intently, and then starts smacking his lips. I actually started feeding him some solids here and there earlier than I did with S and Pato simply because he was practically begging for it! 

He's not moving around just yet, but if you put him on his back, he can go clear across the room just by pushing off with his legs. He normally only does this when he's upset though. This reminded me that Pato was beginning to scoot at six months, and well, I'm okay with O taking his sweet sweet time.

Hoping this second half of the year moves at least a tiny bit slower than the first.

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