I wish I were five-year-old me so I could be friends with five-year-old her.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

If I had a picture that would perfectly portray one Sofia Jones at just barely five years old, it would be this one.

The twirling. Everything she wears is measured by its "twirlness" factor. When a skirt or dress fails to fly around her as as well as she would like, she gets a sad look on her face and says, "This one is only a little bit twirly." While it does get a bit complicated to get her dressed sometimes, I do love this about her. We will have to figure out what to do when I have to break it to her that she needs to wear pants sometimes. That'll be rough, you know, with their twirliness factor of zero. 

I should also mention that she wore that dress every single day for a week. We told her she had to wear something else this week. #rudestparentsever

The bow. Sof always makes sure that every bit of her outfit comes together, down to the bow in her hair. The other day she came out of the bathroom with her hair in two "braids" that she had made in front of the mirror. (Although, really she had just twisted her hair around and called it a braid.) She had clipped two bows at the ends and asked me quite seriously, "Mom. Do I look high school-ish?" Are ya KIDDING me, kid? What will I do when she is ACTUALLY in high school? I swear, they need to do a medical study on me because I am certain this girl is aging me at an astonishing rate.

And did you catch that little tongue sticking out? She does this almost every time she is getting ready to twirl. Or when she's hard at work making a masterpiece out of some colored paper, glue, tape, and pompoms (o'course.) 

I'll say this. There have been some rough times with Sof where I felt like every second of that day was just trying to survive her. There have been moments where I wanted to hide from her and hope she couldn't find me. 

But, I can truthfully say that right now, I wish so badly that I were five-year-old me so I could be friends with five-year-old her. She makes life more exciting, colorful, and I wouldn't change a single thing about her.

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