Fall, I missed you!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Okay, all you summer lovers. I gave you your summer. I waited long and (sort of) patiently as you rejoiced in your beach going and bathing suit wearing and watermelon eating. Well, I love watermelon, I rejoiced with ya there. But, it's fall! And I feel like this fall is a little bit more special because it's Oscar's first time experiencing it. 

On the first super chilly day, I took him out while the kids were at school, and let him play on a blanket outside in the yard. Oh, the squeals that came out of him! He kicked and kicked and waved his arms around as if to say, "Yes, ma! This is amazing! I love it out here!" Listen, O, I know how you feel. That's how fall makes me feel, too! I want to kick my legs and wave my arms like a madwoman, but, let's just say that a 29-year-old woman doesn't quite pull that off as well as a baby. 

Unfortunately, the one downside to it being fall now is that I've recently discovered that not only have the big kids outgrown most of their warm clothes, but they somehow now have giant kid feet and their shoes don't fit either. Maybe I can convince Pato to really pull off the Mowgli look? I mean, less clothes= less laundry. 

Serious thoughts.

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