an after church letter for j

Sunday, July 14, 2013

My sleepy little boyfriend after church.

Dear J,

You were ON one today! You are normally a sweet, happy and smiley little boy that gets incredibly excited about everything. You are also so so sensitive. You cry if someone laughs loudly when you don't expect it or if someone moves too quickly towards you. Peek-a-boo can bring you to tears if there is too much peek in your boo!

This morning, you took charming and cute to a ridiculous level. Did I mention that you love to sing? It's true. Whenever you hear people singing, you sing along with them...yes, even at church. C and I are not singers, so I can't claim you got that from us. Unless you count insane car-singing real singing, at which point I take full responsibility. 

Anyway... you sang and sang during the hymns and dripped drool through your cheesy smile on the lady behind us playing with you. You love to smile and people can't help but smile with you. During the last hour of church, you sat and contently played while the lesson was given. All the ladies around me whispered about you, and I wondered if I should just take you out of the room because other than your cuteness, you can be really loud. You chatted away so's really cute, but also very distracting. 

I love how contagious your smile is. I love how much happiness you add to our family. I hope that this special thing about you will never go away. 

Thank you for making this world just a bit brighter.

love, mama

**Disclaimer: If you're reading this and thinking this kid is too good to be true and that I'm just going on and on about him, please know that J most definitely has his moments. Liiiike, around 10 or 11 at night. He often wakes up around this time MAD! Eyes and fists clenched, screaming and wiggling till someone PLEASE gets his mama for "the goods." He also goes from happy to grumpy in about .0032 seconds whenever he gets tired. And he poops. A lot! 


Gage said...

what a precious little dude!

Karim Jones said...

Thanks! He really is heaven sent!

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