Liberty State Park

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This morning we went to Liberty State Park to check out the gorgeous NYC skyline and let our girly get her wiggles out. The weather here has been simply a-mazing this week, and we are looking at an equally amazing rest of the week. 
They built a September 11th memorial there that we stopped to look at. What was extra special about the memorial is that it was placed in the spot where the World Trade Center Towers used to appear in the skyline. As we walked in between the the walls of names, I was reminded that even though I have my day-to-day worries and struggles, they are nothing in comparison to what the families of those who lost loved ones have been through. It's been almost twelve years since the attacks and it still feels so raw.

I wonder how we'll teach our children about that day. I know lots of people worry about bringing their children up in this day in age. But you know what, I'm not! Yes, there are bad things out there, but there always has been. And I think there is SO much good out there, too. I'm so glad that I get to raise my kids at this point in time.
This girl is turning into such a chatterbox. She loved waving to all the boats, airplanes and trains.
"Mama, do you really have to kiss me all the time?" Yes, my dear boy. I do. Till the end of time.


Casey said...

Gorgeous shots! And where are your glasses from! I love them. I need them. Oh baby oh baby!

Karim Jones said...

Am I that transparent?? Haha :)

They're cheap-o glasses from Aldo! I got a couple pairs that I wouldn't mind if they got broken for the summer.

Kallie said...

How fun! Also Mav wants Pato to know he has great taste in shirts, they are twinners!

Karim Jones said...

Awesome! You're going to have to teach me where to shop for boys... I feel like I have to really dig around to find good stuff.

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