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Friday, July 5, 2013

...we went there twice. In one week! Brooklyn, we love ya.
We've been craving Grimaldi's since the other day so we went there again. After our meal at Socarrat earlier this week, we wanted to treat my parents and introduce them to what has now become one of our very favorite pizza places of all time. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a line outside (did I mention it was hotttt?) They were super nice and let my mom and I bring the kids inside to keep them out of the heat. How nice is that? They also had a water station outside for those waiting in line.
While at lunch, J decided to knock down C's Dr.Pepper all over himself and Dada. He makes sweaty and sticky look cute.
The second we got home we put the babes down for naps and jumped in the pool. J woke up before big sis and we took him in. He was NOT a fan of the cold water today. (C did an impersonation of J's super sad face.) Cuddles from Uncle Drew made it all better.

C leaves tomorrow for basically five weeks. I'm so glad to be in Summit with my family to keep me sane!

There's something about being home with family. Watching old 80's movies with my brothers, hearing about my mom ordering a Pellegrino and be served a pinot grigio, people asking if they can take my kids outside (uh, YES!) It's nice. 

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