Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Late last week I decided to put J on the stairs because, what the heck, why not? Figured it was about time to start learning. I put him on the bottom step, showed him how to pull himself on the first step, and then he was off. He climbed the entire set of stairs three times. As you can tell, he was pretty proud of himself.

C and I often talk about how different he and S are. J seems fearless in so many areas, but then gets startled if you come into a room too quickly. He also cries at the slightest bump or fall. (Fortunately, the crying only lasts a few seconds.) On the other hand, S will fall on her head and when I ask if she's okay, she'll respond with an eager, "Yay!" But, she is very cautious in new situations.

I love that they are so different. Now, slow down, my boy!


Anonymous said...

I love seeing all the new photos! That last one in this set really cracks me up--he's such a cutie!

Karim Jones said...

Oh, I'm glad! I'm sure to some it is total picture overload.

I like the last picture, too, because he looks like he's laughing at himself. He's a silly guy :)

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