a happy goodbye to my one year old

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Baby Girl,

When I said goodnight to you earlier and kissed your forehead, one very important thing slipped my mind. I didn't stop to think that this would be the last time I'd see you as a one-year old. When you wake us up chatting away loudly in the morning, you will be two. 

Growing up, I used to pretend that it wasn't really my birthday until it was 12:10 pm (the time I was actually born.) So, the entire morning I would spend looking at the clock in anticipation. As I got older and didn't live at home, my mom would call me at that time because she knew it was special to me. You were born at 1:43 am. I don't get that entire morning of anticipation with you. Tomorrow we will wake up, and you will all of a sudden be two. 

I feel like I could write for hours about how much I love you and how much you have changed our lives for the better. I hope there are glimpses of that in every post I write. 

So, instead, I will keep it brief. 

Today at church someone mentioned how this world can be a very dark place. S, thank you for showing me that this world is absolutely not that. I look into your eyes, and I see how you see the world. I see how you marvel at every butterfly that flies by. You get excited when you see brightly colored flowers. I look in your eyes and see nothing but beauty. I look into your eyes and I see that this world is in fact, very bright.

Happy happy birthday, baby.

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