swimming in leaves and leopard print

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Don't those two just go so beautifully together? S and I pulled out the leopard print shoes today, that, I should add, she was absolutely giddy about. As much as we have tried to steer her away from being "too girly" this girl is such a diva. She loves (and I do mean loves) getting new things...yikes yikes yikes. Her birthday was one huge "OOOOH!" and "AHHH!!" one right after the other. So, let's just say these shoes have pretty much stayed on her feet except for when she's sleeping the last few days. She used to go into my closet every day, pull out my leopard print shoes and carry them around with her when she was not shuffling along in them. Sigh. But, walking around today with our matchy matchy shoes was pretty much perfect. I've only been dreaming since the day we found out we were having a baby girl to have a little mini-me to share my style with. And match each other. Naturally.
Almost every Saturday that we have our girl time together in CW, we stop and say hello to Mr. Jefferson. She is always weary and wants nothing to do with him. Today, however, she plopped up right next to him and asked him for a high-five. She waited and waited, not understanding why the heck he would be so rude and not high-five her back. I tell ya. Someone ought to teach him some manners.  She ended up looking for his hand and then smacked it and called it good. Oh, and we didn't leave till she give him a good ol' pinch on the nose.
The leaves have begun falling, and I think S may have just discovered her future career: leaf swimming. What started as stomping around in the leaves turned to kicking the leaves, then pushing them into piles, then full out swimming in them. Before she was completely sprawled out, she looked over at me as if to see if it was okay. I told her, "Go ahead, baby! Just swim in them!" She played in the leaves for a solid thirty minutes. CW was crowded, and she seemed 100% oblivious by all the strangers pointing and smiling at her. I never ever want to look back and regret not letting her create a great memory just because I didn't want her to get her clothes dirty. (Mind you, this does mean that I spend many naps and nights scrubbing away happy-memory stains from clothes. Ugh...white shirts. WHY do even make that option available for toddlers?)
Looking forward to many many more dives into the leaves this fall...
...and more dates with my girl.

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