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Saturday, September 7, 2013

The blog has been a lot quieter than usual. I normally try to do my blogging while the babies sleep, but lately we've been keeping so busy that other things just kinda sit on the back burner, ya know? If it's not too hot outdoors, I feel like I'm suffocating my kids by keeping them inside. The other day we picked C up after work and about a minute after he stepped in he sniffed the air and said, " smells like the outside in here." What he probably meant was, " guys stink." But, if we stink of the outdoors then I feel like I'm doing something right. 

So anyway, our days are full of getting together with friends, playing at the park, going to the the beach (when, pray tell, did we become beach people??) seeing ships and chickens before naps (gotta love living down the road from so many cool places) and having S help me pull weeds. Oh, those weeds never stop. S helps me pull them out and points to them and says, "yuck!" Not sure we were cut out to be the gardening types.

In other news, C and I watched a great documentary last night called Miss Representation. In a nutshell, it's a documentary that looks at how the mainstream media has been portraying women. Now, I should mention that I really don't like when people try to blame everything from political issues to the common cold on the media. Please do not confuse me with one of those people. Okay, so. Yes. The documentary made some really powerful points and shared some really unfortunate statistics. C and I agreed that it is a little heavy handed, but if you have Netflix, you ought to check it out. Especially if you have a daughter. Or a son. Or any relative at all that is a man or a woman.

But, the message that really hit me hard was this: women need to stop putting other women down. They need to start supporting each other, building each other up and rejoicing in their successes. A long time ago, someone I looked up to told me that it is a terrible thing to consciously withhold a compliment. If someone creates something beautiful, tell them. If someone is having just an awesome hair day, tell her! I've found myself withholding before, and for what? Was I jealous that MY hair looked awful and probably had drool and/or leftover peas in it? Maybe! Boy, did this message hit me hard, and boy do I want to do better. I have to be better for myself, but most of all, I want to set a good example for my kids. I want S to be confident and to be whatever she wants. And if she decides to run for president someday, I will support her 100%, and definitely NOT tell CNN about the times she pooped in the tub.

So, as a too frequent putter-downer, I want to make those times less and build up more.

Anyone else now in the mood for Spice Girls and Stevie Knicks?


brittney perry said...

You always do a great job of making me feel better about myself on Instagram.

Karim Jones said...

Only on Instagram? Yikes. I need to do better then :)

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