A walk around campus.

Monday, September 23, 2013

I took the kids back to the William and Mary campus today to run around. I love the old brick buildings and my kids love roaming free and getting dirty. It's a win win.

S and her Pato. These two have really grown closer this past month. When S wakes up from her naps, the first thing she asks for is her Pato. They normally wake up from their afternoon naps around the same time, and she loves walking into his room and yelling, "Hi, Gago!" They finally play together, and today they shared a snack from the same bowl. I looked over and found S feeding Pato crackers one by one. He follows her around and she is his biggest cheerleader. When he walks around the house, she always gets super excited and yells,"Go! Go! Go!"
Took me forever to get this shot. I LOVE the walking stage. C likes to joke that Pato walks around like a little drunk man.
Classic "hands-in-his-mouth" shot.
As I look at this last picture I feel really lucky that I have two happy babies. Isn't that what it's all about?

Another story from the day: I asked S to please take her dirty shirt back to her room as we did our normal tidying up before picking C up from work. She went back to her room and came out soon later. A few minutes passed, and I went to her room to take a toy back. I looked around the room to see where she had put her shirt. I had assumed she would have just thrown it on the ground. But, I couldn't find the shirt anywhere. I even looked in our bedroom to see if she had put it there. No luck. I went back to her room again, and found a tiny bit of the sleeve peeking out of her dresser drawer. She had put it away all by herself in the right place. I was very impressed, and now I'm looking forward to putting that girl to work!


Anonymous said...

Goodness, J looks so grown up in these photos. How did he change from a baby into a little kid so quickly?!? S looks so happy in these images, you got some great shots!

Jenn said...

Her suspenders! Her shoes! His cardigan! SO. CUTE. Great shots of them both!

Christina Rose //floresdelsol said...

i love love love that first photo so much

Karim Jones said...

The first year flies by so quickly! He is growing like a weed. One of the most fun things of being a parent is watching them change and grow.

Karim Jones said...

Thanks, Jenn! As for their clothes... With them being so close I try to find pieces that can do double duty. So, S gets a lot of boy clothes! She rocks a bow tie pretty well, too!

Karim Jones said...

She loves large old-style keyholes!

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