a muffin and a lesson

Monday, October 21, 2013

Reason #289 why we don't give this girl sweets: she would want them all the time! We made pumpkin muffins together a couple of mornings ago, and this girl was so excited to eat one that she ate half the wrapper. Did not even flinch.

In other news...
Yesterday was my first time ever teaching primary at church. I teach five year olds, and after just one day together, I can already tell I'll most likely learn more from them than they from me. (Sorry, parents. You probably thought your kids were going to learn something from me. You've been fooled.)

So, yesterday we were talking about how we should do our best to serve others. We talked about how when we do nice things for others, it makes us feel good. Or as one girl put it, nice, good, AND warm. I told them the story of the Good Samaritan, and I had the class act it out. To see the faces of of the kids acting out the parts of the priest and the Levite totally got to me. I had to remind them that those two people did not help the injured man, and I could see in their faces that they so badly wanted to help. They didn't need me to teach them that helping others is what we should do. They knew that already. 

Later on in the lesson I gave them different scenarios and asked them what was the right thing to do in each. I asked them what they would do if a new neighbor moved in from another country, and they were lonely because they did not speak English very well. One little boy said, "Oh! I know! Maybe we could try to learn how to speak THEIR language!" How absolutely great is that?! He didn't say, "Let's teach them to speak English better." (Which, I think is a fine answer, as well.) But, instead, he suggested learning more about the other person. 

My El Salvadoran grandmother has lived in this country for over thirty years. Her English is very broken, even after taking English classes. She is uncomfortable in public when only English is spoken. But, like many, she has been expected to "just learn the language." There are so many non-Spanish speaking people missing out knowing this great lady because of the language barrier. So, excuse my boldness, but why don't we go out and just learn another language. I know there are millions who would really appreciate that. And hearing that little boy's answer yesterday gave me hope for the future, and for the present. I am grateful for parents who teach and set good examples for their children. You are raising GOOD people.

I hope and pray that I can do my best to raise such good people, too. 

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