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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My kids love apples. Give them an apple and they will be happy (and quiet) for awhile. So, when my brother (who is a senior in high school) asked if he could play hooky so we could take the kids to go apple picking I gave him my full sisterly permission to skip school. Oh, and my mom said it was fine, too. 
We drove to Hill View Farms, which is about fifteen minutes from my parents home in New Jersey. Before I go on....anyone who sneers and says New Jersey is an ugly state cleaaaarly has no idea what they are talking about. I would think twice before trusting such a naysayer. ever.again. Anyway...yes. The weather was beautiful, the sun was out and S was in a great mood following an awesome play date with her friend, Penny. They played and held hands and it felt so good for this mama to see her little girl make a friend. 
Yeah, that's my mom. She's a babe, huh? Doesn't look a day over thirty.
S and her school-skippin uncle.
So, when we got to the orchard, S was overjoyed to be in apple heaven. She didn't quite understand the apple picking part, but had the "throw it in the basket" part down. J wasn't too sure about the tall grasses, and pretty much wanted to be held. No matter. He had three adults more than willing too. (Sigh... It's so good to be around family.) 
What was neat about this farm is that they also had chickens walking around as well as peacocks. J looked at them intently and S made sure they didn't get too close. She is not an animal person (unless they are a safe distance away) and it will be interesting to see how J turns out. 
Anyone else think I look like a beekeeper here? One hundred percent not offended if you think so because I one hundred percent agree.
We all went home feeling tired, but the good kind. And, of course, in addition to the deliciously perfect apples, we came home with apple cider, doughnuts (I hear they are good....I'm not a doughnut much as I try over and over again) and pumpkin butter. Ah. Fall! Fall. Fall. I love ya. 
No idea what my mom's doing in this picture, but we're just going to go with it.
Really wishing Dada could have joined us, but we have a fun day trip planned for when he returns. 


Anonymous said...

Goodness, you have such an attractive family! You all look like a family that a magazine would put together for advertising purposes! (And, if it's not to weird to say, you all have excellent teeth.) I love these photos of S and J doing fall things, it makes me nostalgic for a place that actually has a fall. Fall in Memphis is almost identical to summer in Memphis, if a bit less humid.

steph goodson said...

I don't know if you knew this but I stalk you via your blog. You are adorable by the way. And your kids are so precious and cute! And your mom is my favorite.

Unknown said...

Perfection, Karim! Love you, your kids, your family, and this is the perfect way to spend a beautiful fall day! Poppy and Grammy want to join you next time!

Karim Jones said...

You make me laugh! Thank goodness for orthodontists :) We all had braces, and my kids are doomed.

I didn't know Memphis falls were so mild. Living in a place that didn't have a real fall would make me very sad. You ought to come to VA and get a mild taste of it! (Darn the 80 degree forecast for this week....)

Karim Jones said...

Steph! Hi! Stalk away! And thanks! I'll let her know :) Tell your family hello for me.

Karim Jones said...

East coast apple picking in the fall. Add that to our growing list of to-do's!

Unknown said...

que lindo!!

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