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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Well...not really. Pretty sure half the stuff she does isn't considered real yoga, but we're just going to overlook that. On the day that these were taken, she randomly decided to go all downward dog all of a sudden. And I'll tell you this...she's never seen ME do these things. Anything that resembles working out makes me nervous. 

I kept telling myself as soon as I was done nursing Pato I would maybe start working out. Well, it's been a couple weeks now. Yes, I no longer nurse him, and no, I'm not ready to talk about it yet. We are fine. December 2010- December 2013. For three years my body has not really been completely my own. You better believe I popped some Advils after my last headache after not being able to take them for so long.

Anyway. While we're in Summit I have far too many taylor ham, egg, and cheese bagels calling my name to think about exerting too much effort.

So...Christmas. It was wonderful! S LOVES Christmas so much. We took her out for a drive around town to look at Christmas lights, and I promise she did not stop talking the whole time. hour. I will do some catch up posts for more details.

The kids are changing every single day and I've realized I really need to write these things down so I don't forget them.

S is just a funny little thing. We sang a new song to her at bedtime about animals. Each verse talks about another animal, and at first, we helped her pick the animals. After a bit of coaxing, she picked the animals on her own. She had us sing once about a frog and twice about a chicken. She tries to delay bedtime as much as she can, and sometimes it's so hard to put her down when she is being so sweet and fun.

Oh, and she can say her name perfectly now! It's great. Today I was changing Pato's diaper. When he was done I said, "Okay, Pato! You're all clean!" Then S said, "I don't want turn. Not S turn." 

Pato continues to be the cutest thing ever and I just want to squeeze him all day but he has zero time for that. Today he ran around the house with his pants down to his ankles (his pants are always too baggy) and he just kept going and going

We'd buy him a belt, but then his pants wouldn't fall to his ankles and then what would we do?

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Unknown said...

Love these children to the moon and back. Thanks for sharing with Poppy and me - we are smiling and chuckling!

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