Williamsburg's Wreaths

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I have a to-do list about a mile long before we leave on Saturday for the holidays. But, the temperature was nice and brisk and the sun was out, and I knew we had to seize the moment and spend some time outside.

Every year, magic hits Colonial Williamsburg and the entire area gets even more beautiful. Gorgeous wreaths hang on the doors of the different buildings, and I love how different they are. In between naps, I took the kids to go check them out. We did not even see half of them. That's just what happens when no one wants to ride the stroller. That's okay. I'd much rather have them run around anyway. 

This wreath was probably my favorite. I love sharing all these things with S and Pato. S ran around yelling, "Weath! Weath!" We'd talk about what was in each wreath and I told her that no, we couldn't eat the fruit that adorned some. J especially was pretty bummed about that. So, he found some dirt and stuck that in his mouth instead. Some older women walking by looked at me like I was letting my kid eat poop. Or maybe they noticed that (at that point) he didn't have a coat on and thought I was cruel.

Yep. I'm cruel. I actually feed my babies trash for dinner and enjoy watching them freeze. Guilty! 

If you ever get the chance to make a trip to Williamsburg around the Christmas holiday, I promise you won't regret it!

1 comment:

Christina Rose //floresdelsol said...

wow! I love all of the wreaths and the old homes. i think i would love it there!

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