Grammy and Poppy are in Town...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

...which means I can go to the bathroom without this little guy watching me. (Sidenote: I'm trying to teach S that it's not polite to just stand there in front of me when I'm trying to have a moment in the bathroom. "But mama. I just wanna watch!") I even took a shower during the day today. It was fantastic. And. AND! I went to the grocery store alone! I carried a little shopping basket...because I could. I didn't have to maneuver a huge shopping cart with a race car attached to it. It was niiice. 

Today we took them to the beach. There's only so much you can do when it's a billion degrees outside with a trillion percent humidity. The water felt perfect and we had a great morning together. Last year, S didn't even like getting into the water until her Poppy was able to convince her to. Now, she loves to splash and play in it, and J enjoys it as well. Poppy and Grammy can get my kids to do (almost) anything. We're really milking it while they're here. "S, Poppy really wants you to eat your dinner!" "Grammy wants you to go to the bathroom before we leave!"

No fun. They are having zero fun.

Grandparents are the best. 

We might try to grandnap them.

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