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Monday, June 2, 2014

On the drive home from picking C up from work: While listening to a selection from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite (her current favorite song listened to repeatedly on every car ride we take these days):

S: "I love this song. First, starts soft." [Then, later, as the tempo and volume increased]: "Listen, guys!! It's cwuh-shendow-ing! It gets louder!"

Tonight, at the dinner table:

S [rubbing her finger on her dad's upper lip hair]: "What's that, daddy?"

C: "That's my mustache."
S: "Your mustache? Do I have one?"
C: "No, S. I don't think you want one."
S: "Yes, I do!" [and then, thinking contemplatively with her finger tapping on her mouth] "I just go to the store and buy one, I think."

Later, as we read stories together in bed, SofĂ­a passed gas, quite loudly.

C: "Did you just go poop?"
S [grinning from ear to ear]: "Nooo. I just passed veeeeery loud gas." [followed by uncontrollable giggles]

1 comment:

Anne Hill said...

hahah! these are too good! and she knows about crescendo?! smartest kid ever

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