Don't expect her to share her orange with you...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

(The story. Not the picture. Well, the picture IS from today...)

S: I'm hungry, mama. Can I have something. (I hear this about 1.87 billion times a day...) 
Me: Sure! How about a clementine?

I then very graciously peel said orange and hand it to over to her. I notice how particularly juicy it looks.

Me: Oh, that looks good! Can I have one?
S: (In a sad sad voice.) No. No, you can't have one. They're not for you. I just have to eat all of them. You just can't have any of them at all. 

She then points towards the orange peels.

S: You can have those, mama! 
Me: Um. Thanks. 

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