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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Every night before bed, I take a few minutes to look over the pictures I took that day. C and I will talk about them, and laugh about the silly things the kids did that day.

A couple of times now in the last week, I've looked at my camera roll, and found about fifty pictures that are almost identical. Looks like someone has learned to use the camera! And since I'm the mushiest person who gets sentimental over the lamest things, I hate deleting even one of them! 

I know. Ten years from now I will probably think, "Why on earth would you save fifty pictures of the corner of her head that are all virtually the same?" I'll tell you why.

Because I'm crazy like that! Have I not said that enough already??

Anyway. I figured if I made a collage of each I still have a way to keep them, and delete the other forty one pictures. 

I know. I, too, am shocked by my brilliance.

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brittney perry said...

I LOVE your bedtime tradition. We'll do this at the end of the day when we're on vacation, but I really love that you guys have that time together on regular days. And it's not crazy to keep those; it's really sweet.

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