She Says: Things That Are Already Wet

Monday, July 14, 2014

The other night, after having been silent for a good fifteen minutes, S began yelling. I walked to her door to hear what was going on when I heard her yell, "My haiiiir!!!!! Is my hair crazy?!?!?" 


S had been playing with her tea set in the sunroom, still wearing her "nap shirt" after her nap. (What's a nap shirt? Just what it sounds like. She doesn't like wearing regular clothes for her nap. So she wears one of my t-shirts.)

I saw her run to the bathroom, and come back out naked. That's pretty normal. She played in the sunroom a little longer than ran back to the bathroom. About ten minutes later I realized she was still in there. I found her washing her nap shirt in the sink.

Me: S! What are you doing??
S: Just washing my nap shirt. 
Me: I can see that. But, why?
S: Because it was wet. I told you. 

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