Jumping on Beds and Hide-and-Seek

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

This was taken yesterday after naps. For some reason, my kids are not the happiest waker-uppers. S has pretty much been that way her whole life. But boy, I miss the days when Pato would wake up laughing and giggling. You'll sometimes catch J in a happy mood, but S usually wakes up really crabby and really sweaty. To try to get them to cheer up quick (because two crabby babies during the pre-dinner hours is kind of the must (un)fun thing ever) I often let them jump on our bed. 

As you can see, Pato was all jumped out. What you can't see is S hiding under all the pillows on the left. That's her favorite hiding spot in the whole house.

Several times a week when C gets home, we will play a game of hide-and-seek together. Although S knows very well how to count to ten, she always says, "1...2...5...10! Ready or not, here I come!" Which means we have about four seconds to throw ourselves into a hiding spot. Finding S is always a cinch because if you're looking anywhere near her hiding spot, she'll jump out and say, "I'm right here!!" And Pato just thinks it's fun to run around :) 

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