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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This morning, I took the kids to go explore the gardens in Colonial Williamsburg and to visit the sheep. S is at the age now where the double monster stroller isn't always necessary, and she was happy to walk alongside mama and little brother. When she's feeling extra adventurous, she'll run up ahead of us...but never too far. Like I've mentioned before, this girl is kinda attached to me most of the time. J always love going out places (as long as it's not too hot) and I can't wait for the day till he's running alongside his sister. When I took this picture I had to stop him from shoving the little pebbles in his mouth. He is my messy little guy who finds any way possible to get dirty.
Oh, how she loved those sheep. We had the following conversation about them while were were there:

Me: Hey, S. What do sheep say?
S: Sheeeep!
Me: No. They say, "baaa." So, what do sheep say?
S: (silent for a few seconds) Sheeeep!

We're working on it.

When we walked away from the sheep she yelled, "BYE!!! Bye!!! Bye bye sheeep! Eee you layer!" ("See you later" in S-speak)
She walked up to this tree and said, "Woooah!" Then she hugged it. Have I mentioned that I am la-la-loving two?!
Sometimes I feel like I try my best to show my two the world, but more often than not, I find they're showing it to me.


Casey said...

These pictures are straight-up dreamy! Take me there!

Kallie said...

That last line! Karim! You are such a little writer! I love it (:

brittney perry said...

This is some seriously good work. I love the series of pictures at the top, in particular.

Karim Jones said...

Thanks! And wish I could :) If I can tag along to Sardinia next time! Haha.

Karim Jones said...

What a nice thing to say. I feel pretty un-eloquent almost all of the time.

Karim Jones said...

I just got lucky with these shots, but thank you! Pretty hard to take bad pictures of these two! (Yeah....biased mom. Blah blah blah.)

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