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Wednesday, February 4, 2015 I say it?

I'm afraid to say it. 

What if I jinx it?

Yeah, I'll definitely jinx it.

Whatever. I'm going to say it anyway. 

Here it goes...

||For about a week straight now, this girl has been an absolute peach.||

It's like I've found my little best friend again and we've been having so much fun together. Yes, fun! Chatting it up. Telling little secrets. Laughing at lame things that only we think are funny. (She so has my dumb sense of humor.)


I'm really hoping this friend isn't just making a quick stop in town. 

1 comment:

Nicole said...

haha! that's awesome! isn't it amazing how fast these sweet babies change and develop?! i can't even handle it. i been a fan of your IG feed for a while and it's so fun to be reading your blog now. xo

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