A little plant for a little girl.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A couple months ago, we stopped by the dollar section of Target on our way in.

I mean, how could we NOT? They put all these stickers, funky socks, and wacky headpieces there knowing full well kids can't resist them. If I prepare in advance, I can sometimes distract the kids with a snack as we go in. Or, I throw them in the cart and pull a "Woah! Look over there!" and make a mad dash past the glitter and seasonal packs of pencils. But, on this particular day, S found a tiny pot that came with a little pack of seeds. The label said it was for some type of flower, and for a buck, I thought it would be fun for her. 

So we took the little kit home. We planted the seeds, pot the little pot by a window to get some sun, and this little girl watered it dutifully. Maybe too dutifully? Not dutifully enough? I really have no clue.

Every day she would look to see if anything was growing from the soil. Now, I may not know a thing about growing a plant, but I do like them, however, because they remind me of my Abuelita. When I was little, I remember that I used to love watering her plants with her. In her apartment, she had an entire wall covered in green. Plants growing everywhere and entertwining. You almost couldn't tell where one plant ended and another started. Leaves and more leaves covered that wall. I can't see a houseplant without thinking of her.

So, when S was particularly sad one morning because there still was nothing growing in her tiny pot, I told her we would go out a search for a perfect little plant. Preferably one that had a head start on the whole sprouting thing. I told her she could pick any one she wanted, and she was so excited because it would be "all hers." 

After about fifteen minutes of careful inspection, she settled on this little guy. She was very particular about what she wanted. (Not too big! Not too prickly!) It may not have been the one I would have chosen for her, but this little plant is perfect.

Now I'm really hoping that green thumbs are one of those things that skip a generation. That's a thing, right? 

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