Napping together

Thursday, February 26, 2015

I actually took these pictures two days ago. And you better believe I held my breath as I took these shots. S is a pretty light sleeper, and I kept thinking, "You're crazy! Do you really have to take a picture and risk waking them?!" 

The answer is yes. I'm so glad I did, too! This was the first time they had ever slept together. After running around town the other day, S asked me if she and Pato could take their naps together. Right away, he got really excited about the idea, and I didn't have the heart to say no. 

I was sure it wouldn't work. But, ten minutes later, I peeked in and found them like this. I couldn't believe it! The one downside was that someone woke the other up (they both told me the other did it.) Overall, this gives me hope that maybe they could share a room down the road. I love the idea of them being in a room together and having their own little conversations. 

Fast forward to today. We woke up to a hefty amount of snow this morning, and S couldn't wait to play in it. We spent the morning shoveling and making a snowman. After coming in for lunch, S asked if they could nap together again. Sure, why not? I told them to be very quiet and not wake each other up. 

I adore these little sweethearts, and I love that they want to spend so much time together. And if it means better naps, you know I'll take it! 

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