I yike yo face.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

His latest thing is telling me everything he likes about me. He does it at completely random moments, as if he had just noticed I was there. Sounds awful, right? (Wrong!) Whenever he gets started I get all excited and want to say, "Tell me more! Tell me more!"

But I don't. I mean, at some point my kids need to learn that they're not the center of the universe. They'll learn that someday, and I'm sure it will be quite the shock.'s the run down of what he tells me: 


I yike yo face. 

I yike yo eyes.

I yike yo nose.

I yike yo mouth. 

I yike yo dress. 

Yes, I would say those are the top five. 

The other day he watched as I was getting my hair cut. Shortly after my hair was done, I put him down for a nap. The first thing that he said to me once he woke up was, "Oh! I yike yo hair mama! I yike yo hair-cut!" I almost squeezed the guts out of him right there.

Oh, and last Sunday at church, we were sitting in our pew, and everyone was being super quiet. Like, unusually quiet. So quiet that it felt like my kids were breathing too loudly. (Quiet at church?! Imagine that!) During one of these oddly silent times, J climbed up on my lap, grabbed my cheeks and said, "I yike yo face, mama!" He continued a bit longer, and you better believe I just sat there eating it up. 

So, to everyone who had their quiet time interrupted, I'm sorry. BUT. I couldn't just stop my son from declaring his undying love for me. 

I mean, I could. But, I couldn't. 

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