Children's Museum of Manhattan

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dada is home and we only have a week before we head back to Williamsburg. We are trying to do as many fun things as we can before we head back to normalcy back home. I cannot believe we will finally stop being nomads and are actually going to be home. J has spent almost his entire life traveling. Sigh. So many thoughts about that. But that will be another post on another day. 

Anyway, today we went to the Children's Museum of Manhattan located in the UWS. It was so fun! I think it was four (maybe five?) floors of activities for kids of all ages. It's always great when I find a place where even S can be entertained. It was rainy today, and lots of New Yorkers seemed to have the same idea as us. But, even though it was crowded, it didn't feel cramped. On the way home, we passed by the Manhattan Temple, and we told the kids that that was where Mama and Dada got married. I'll always have a soft spot for this city.

S loved sliding down this "tongue" over and over again. After each ride down, she would climb up the stairs to the top while saying, "I can! I can! I can!" I was so proud of her. I love that she has that attitude. 
On the third floor there was this great area for babies. It had plush blocks and soft play equipment to climb on and through. J had no fear and climbed all over everything. Already he seems more daring than his sister was at that age. 
All the finger prints on the mirror? Yeah, that was J pulling himself up and walking along the mirror. I tell you. He thinks he can walk. And when he doesn't and falls he makes this face as if to say, "Why didn't that work?"
Both our kids love music and musical instruments, so this section was a huge hit. Latin music played in the background and the kids drummed along. 

I think I'll miss living close to a fast-paced city since that's all we've known since November of last year (Dallas, London, NYC) But, I won't lie...I sometimes do miss our slower-paced life in Williamsburg. After a certain amount of time, you just need your kids to have a home again.


Gage said...


I miss Williamsburg so much.

Karim Jones said...

Let me know next time you're back in VA!

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