J: Eleven Months

Friday, August 30, 2013

...has eight teeth.
...started walking.
...says "pat."
...drinks from a straw. the messiest eater.
...gags himself way too much.
...loves apples.
...poops at least five times a day. Wish I were kidding. the greatest shopping buddy.
...has the softest most kissable cheeks!

Oh, and yeah. Here's another first:
...falling down the stairs.
Mommy's fault. I forgot to shut the baby gate and this guy got this good looking cut and bruise on his forehead. There were tears (and not just from him.) As I was cleaning the blood from the cut in the bathroom, he started to cry. S was watching us from the doorway, and covered her eyes and whimpered so sadly for her little brother (quivering lip, and everything). I wanted to hug her and say, "Oh, I love him, too, sweetheart."

And if you'd like..!


Unknown said...

Your kids are so adorable Karim! I hope I get a chance to meet them some day.

Karim Jones said...

Thanks, Amber! So are yours! Telluride reunion sometime?

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