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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Today was so. great. This post will be a "top ten" of my favorite things from our day. In no particular order.

1. Whenever we're home, S and I go to the farmer's market for a mama/daughter/girlfriend/besties date. We had so much fun chatting away together and sharing a croissant. (And I taught her how to say it properly, merci beacoup.)

2. A random lady decided to be my new favorite person by saying S looks a lot like her mama. I could've hugged her!

3. On the way home, S danced like a crazy lady to Black Eyed Peas. We listened to the song "Don't Lie" and she shook her finger and sang, "No, no, no, no!"

4. We visited our friends down the street and basked in the low 70 degree glory. We played on a wooden bridge that they have in their backyard and were informed that it was a "British ship." Wink wink. Oh, how I wish it were so and that we were sailing to England. Okay, maybe not sailing...but stick me on a plane. Please.

5. We. Found. Pupusas. IN Williamsburg. Well, C did anyway. Williamsburg is seeeee-riously lacking in the good food department, and it looks like we may just survive the remainder of our time here in VA. We may need to be rolled out of here, however.

6. J got some new kicks. They are kick-awesome. And he looks kick-handsome in them.

7. J took TWO steps on his own. Whatt? Before people start thinking that he's going to be walking any day now, you should know that this boy wants to walk before he even learns to stand. It's a problem. He can stand for about two seconds before he just wants to take off. Slow and steady, baby. 

8. S learned another word today. "Sientate" which means "sit down" in Spanish. She liked using it over and over again this morning while we were out. 

9. S saying "Oh crap." She learned it from one of her parents. I won't say which one because that would be mean. But, I'll tell you it wasn't her mother. (In his defense, I probably would have said the same thing had I found her peeing on the floor.)

10. The ivy monster that had turned our house into something out of Where the Wild Things Are is gone. Turns out there really was a house under all that stuff!

Happy weekend, all!

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Anonymous said...

This post made me so happy. :-) I'm glad you had a lovely day!

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