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Monday, August 26, 2013

This girl decided to try out being thirteen for the day. Picking out all her accessories, not being afraid to say no to her she'd been doing it for years. And, not only did she insist on being one of those people that wear their sunglasses indoors, she also insisted on wearing them upside down the entire time we were out running errands.
Speaking of running I realized that I'm at a really good place. I had an a-ha mom moment. The thought of taking both kids to the store no longer requires several hours of mental prep on my part. It's not scary anymore. S no longer yells at strangers and J is just such an easy going sweetheart. Today at Trader Joes, S loved putting our groceries into the cart, wandered ahead of me without being afraid, and even danced as we waited in line. The shoes she was wearing today have little zippers on the back that make jiggling sounds as she walks. She LOVED that, so she just stomped those little feet of hers. Oh, and waved and said bye bye to the grocery attendants. I think a lot of it has to do with their ages. S is not so much a baby anymore, and J isn't a tiny baby that needs so much of me.

Today I felt like I was doing more than just making it. I've been setting daily goals for myself, and I've found that doing this has made me feel like I am more than just surviving our every day. I feel like I'm actually doing stuff. Doing more. And it feels so good. 

*On an entirely different note, and for recording purposes... S's new thing to say is, "Hi, guys!" When she wakes up from a nap, "Hi, guys!" When we pick up Dada from work, "Hi, guys!" I think she got it from me. I often say, "Hi, guy!" or "Hi, my guy!" to J, so I think she may have picked it up from there.

And J may very well be the messiest eater on the planet. He insists on chewing AND touching his food at the same time, every time by shoving his fingers in his mouth after every bite. Often, he'll push his food out with his little tongue, feel his food, put it back in, chew it, then stick his fingers in his mouth, then maybe swallow. Ugh! Tonight, I gave up trying to get more food in him and just have my fingers crossed he doesn't wake up in the middle of the night famished.

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