the jersey shore and a sleeping baby

Saturday, August 10, 2013

What better way to spend our last Saturday in New Jersey than by driving down to the shore. This was the first time we've gone as a family, and J's first real time on a beach. Our beach experience in England was too cold and too short to be called a real beach experience, I think. We didn't know how Pato would react to the sand, and we were pleasantly surprised when he dug right in. Sand is a food group, right? This boy ate a couple handfuls. Easy.
So sleepy but always so sweet.
S also loved playing in the sand. I tell ya, these kids really do have Jones blood running through their veins. I'm sure their Poppy will be so proud.

How cute are these two? She is the apple of his eye.
And how lucky am I to be their mama? The luckiest. Tell myself this every live-long day.
And one last note about this little love bug...

I've never been a rock-to-sleep mama, and normally I nurse J before bed and then tuck him in for the night. Because of our extra tiring day at the beach, he totally zonked out as I was feeding him. Instead of putting him right down, I thought to myself, "I'm going to hold you for as long as I please and watch you sleep." I loved watching him lay in my arms and feeling his body go limp. I loved watching his peaceful face because I know one day, he will lose his baby face and he will grow into a man. One day, he will be taller than me and won't want me doing his hair. He will probably get slightly annoyed when I call him thirteen times a day. (Who am I kidding? He. Will. Love. It.) But for now, he is my little baby and I will watch him sleep and I will go in his room and make sure his blanket covers his feet ('cause he's got Mama's feet, and mine are always cold.) 

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