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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Took this picture after he woke up from his nap. Baby man always wakes up in the best mood. Silly, smiley, cuddly. Oh, how I could just eat him in one bite. On this particular day he was probably so happy because...
...he's been practicing walking! This was the best shot I could get. He's been walking a few steps for a little bit, but he broke his own record by taking six steps all on his own. To reward him, I smother him without a billion kisses. S wanted in on the action, and thought it was fun to walk in between C and I. Of course, we praised her and told her what a great walker she was, as well.
Our favorite vendors weren't at the farmer's market today, but we did walk away with several ears of corn. I have high hopes, but I know it won't even compare to Granny's in Utah. Since we had more time on our hands, we decided to go see if the horses were out. No dice. S kept saying, "There it is!" I had to keep telling her that nope, the horsies weren't out today.
My favorite house in CW. S tried for a solid five minutes to unlock the latch and break in. I know girl, I'd love to live there too. (If we had zero possessions and slept in bunk beds.)
Went out to lunch for some Salvadoran food. S thought the Latin food market next door was the most fun place on the planet and loved the pinatas hanging from the ceiling. And can I take a second and point out how grown up S is looking these days? She is such a little person and I love to see where her imagination takes her.
These two have been taking baths together more regularly. While S is not a fan of getting water in her eyes, she has no problem pouring it all over little brother. Good thing he's such a trooper. He's just happy to have his favorite person ever pay attention to him.
Took the kids to Jamestown Settlement before their naps the other day. I'm loving that we are finally getting into the season where there aren't as many tourists. 
One of my very good friends gave me this book before she moved away. (Yeah, she gave ME a going away gift? Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Gosh, I miss her.) My mother-in-law has always said that there's no better gift than a book. Our kids will be bestowed with a plethora of gifts someday with all the books C has. How she was able to pick a perfect book that I loved comes as no surprise. And so, that night, I resolved that I would get back into reading. As much as one can chasing after two kids. And I'm pretty excited about it.

First up was My First Ladies. I've never read a book about any of the First Ladies, and this one really gives us a fun look into their personalities and little quirks from the Chief White House Florist, Nancy Clarke.  Did you know Nancy Reagan wouldn't allow any blue and purple flowers during the entire time she was in the White House? If I had to pick one to work for, I'd pick Barbara Bush. That lady was funny. Had no idea she was funny. Who knew?

Well, not a very exciting post. I've been trying to soak up every moment of having a not-yet-two-year-old, and a not-yet-one-year-old. It's like I'm trying to bottle every bit of their baby-ness. Has anyone figured out how to do that yet?


tt moreno said...

how funny, i will have to check out that book! and tell your kids to stop being so figgin' adorable!

Karim Jones said...

Seriously? How did I not recommend it to YOU by now? Duh! Yeah, I really enjoyed it!

Gage said...

Karim, cute pictures! I can't believe how grown up they BOTH look! And I will need to check out that book.

Karim Jones said...

They are really growing like weeds! And having done a ton of weeding recently, I finally really get what that means.

Yes! Definitely check the book out! We gave it to our my mother-in-law and she enjoyed it as well.

Kallie said...

Ok it's official I MUST READ THAT! Sounds awesome!

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