Sunday, February 1, 2015

A couple S moments from today...

Earlier, S climbed up in my lap (I tell ya, I really have to peel her off of me lately) and brushed her fingers through my hair. She then said, "I like your pink lipstick, mama. I hope maybe sometime I can have lipstick, too." 

Oh, dear. 

Also. At church today, the lady seated in front of us dropped her glasses, and they landed next to my bag. I bent over and grabbed them, and returned them to her. After doing so, S leaned over quietly and whispered to me, "That was very nice of you to do that, mama." 

Love ya, girl. But I think we'll hold off on that lipstick. 

1 comment:

Nicole said...

oh my goodness. such a sweet girl. doesn't it melt your heart when you see the tender, loving side come out of these sweet babies?! xo

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