Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It was almost cool enough for a hat today (!) so we pretended it was fall around these here parts. And boy did it make me happy.
Dinners don't normally look like this. But today, it was an "eat-your-carrots-out-in-the-driveway-while-it's-drizzling" type of day.

Other things to note...

As we said our nightly family prayer earlier this evening, we asked S to please fold her arms as we usually do. Right after she folded her arms, she bowed her head and began to whisper quietly. I'm pretty sure she was pretending to pray, and it was her first time doing so. My heart almost burst.

J has been using his walker for a bit now, but today he went all the way up and down the hall by himself. I need to figure out how to post a video up on here to share. I can tell that he so wants to ditch the walker but I think he's got a couple of months before he's ready.

Yesterday my mom took S to a toy store and told her she could choose any toy she wanted. All she wanted was a purple magnifying glass. (I think she thinks she's Dora the Explorer.) She goes around with her magnifying glass, bends down at something, and mutters, "Noooo. Oh noooo." Now, had that been me when I was little, I would've been ALL over the baby doll section. And the tea sets. I threw awe-some tea parties back in the day.

S has been doing a better job at sharing with baby brother. Today I asked her to share her magnifying glass with him and she threw it at him and ran away (it didn't hit him.) The same with the other half of the banana she wasn't going to finish (that did hit him.) That's progress, right?


Jenn said...

"S and the Flying Bananas" -It'd be a New York Times bestseller. Love these stories of your days!

Karim Jones said...

Don't you love being a mom and seeing all the funny things your kids do? Thanks for reading!!

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