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Thursday, June 20, 2013

C has been commuting to Richmond all week (along with our car) leaving the babes and I getting to come up with creative ways to keep ourselves entertained. I won't lie. It's been a bit boring sometimes. So blissfully, wonderfully boring.
S hamming it up at lunch time. She can never decide if she wants me to peel the banana all the way, or peel it as it goes. It's a hard life.
Pato's newest cheeser face. He pulls this face all. the. time. I'd love for it to never ever stop.
Pick me up. Don't mind if I do.
Probably watching Little Einstein's. Love hate (sometimes really hate) relationship with this show. I hate that she loves it so much and asks for it, but I love that she's actually learned a lot from it.
Pretty good view from my end. I will make these two match forever. They'll go to prom in matching outfits.
Typical scene at our house. Stop by after three and there's a good chance at least one of the kids is pant-less.
Creeper squirrel. J and it had themselves a little stare-down. He visits us every few days.
Flowers. I take no credit for them. Beautiful purples and pinks on the side of our house.

A couple days ago I felt like a lightbulb went off. We've been home more than a week since I don't know when. I had washed, dried AND put away the laundry before lunch. The babies were in especially fun moods. The sink was empty. The house was neat. I was feeling on top of things. I feel like after months, I'm finally in my groove. (Just in time before we leave again for a month...sigh) But, I'll take it! Mundane never felt this good.

**Moments not picture above: J biting S's finger (hard) during our evening prayer, S sitting in front of the mirror giving herself kisses and saying "a hug a hug!" Chocolate mint cake with our friends. NBA finals-watching. Lots and lots of coloring. Oh, and S discovered that she LOVES back scratches. Definitely her father's daughter. Any time I would stop, she would demand "mas! mas!"

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