Suspenders and Binoculars

Sunday, June 23, 2013

S and the Great Blackberry Massacre. Can't trust that girl with a bowl of blackberries. They were all over her face, down her shirt on her thighs, etc etc.

So, we're officially the circus family at church. The area around us is inevitably covered with baby puffs, toys, raisins and markers. And our kids are loud. We arrived just a couple minutes late today, so we sat almost all the way in the back. We let J crawl around, and he was his normal happy and excited self. A lady that sat close to us came up to me after our meeting and said that another little boy nearby was looking for baby J (I had taken him out to nurse him.) He turned to her and asked, "Where's that funny happy baby??" My heart swelled. This just sums up our little guy to a tee. He's still just a baby and already loves and enjoys life. Daily, he teaches me about how great this world we live in is.
S in nursery. She had so much fun today! She has a couple little boys that follow her around and wanted to hold her hand. She liked them because they kept bringing her toys. Sigh. Today she became particularly attached to a pair of binoculars. For a solid ten minutes she walked around the room looking up, down and all around. She kept saying, "Oh no!!" Then, she'd point at something. They have little paper cranes hanging from the ceilings, but S thought they were airplanes. She loves airplanes right now. 

One of the nursery leaders commented that she is so dramatic when she speaks. I laughed because C and I say the same thing almost every day. This girl is just SO dramatic. It's hilarious. One of the older nursery boys came up to me and asked, "Why she say that so much?" I asked, "What do you mean? What does she say so much?" He said, "Oh, no!" Haha :)

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