Friday, June 14, 2013

One of my very favorite dresses that she owns. My mom bought it in El Salvador for her before she was born. I had one very similar to it when I was a little girl.

The weather was perfect today. I feel like I have to take full advantage of days where there is a cool breeze because the scorching temperatures are right around the corner. Man, do I hate summer. (I'm not a huge fan of going on and on complaining about something that I can't change, so I will just leave it at that.) 
Anyway...I love living so so close to Colonial Williamsburg, so I packed the kids in the car and off we went. I'm trying to use my "good" camera more often, so that came along with us. We had a fun time pointing at the horses and carriages, popping bubbles and collecting sticks.
C was able to join us for a bit, and S got so excited when she saw Dada coming around the corner. 
I wonder how old they'll be once they're the same size....

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