Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Virginia Joneses made it home (temporarily). We were greeted with 90+ degree weather (ughhhh) but on the flip cicadas! Hallelujah! 

We took these pictures one Sunday after church. You know those days when your child is just having a GREAT day? Where everything seems to fall into place, they are oozing with smiles and giggles and you almost want to pinch yourself because you can't believe to call them your own? This was one of those days. Girly sat so so nicely during church, cozied up to everyone in my family and was just SO sweet! I won't lie... when I heard the other toddlers in the hall I thought "Oh, thank you thank you, baby, for being good today!"

Anyway, the girl who wiggles and wiggles for pictures and refuses to look at the camera pulled a Jekyll and Hyde on me and practically forced us to take pictures together. My mom and I were cracking up. She put her arms around both our necks and pulled us in super close and actually loved looking at herself into the camera. I take what I can get, folks.

Picture overload. And I do mean overload.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Precious! This girl is so beautiful and charming with her facial expressions. Three generations of lovely women - I love how she adores her Ita and Mama!
Love, Grammy

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