Happy Father's Day, C!

Monday, June 17, 2013

I'm a day late writing about it on the blog (but am right on time in Salvadoran standards as Father's Day is today) but I wanted to quickly write about this guy in our lives.

One of my very favorite things about C is just how much he loves being a father. Before I married him, I never doubted that he would be an awesome dad. He is super hands-on, very involved and very very interested in our children. Every day that he is off at work, he texts me asking me about our babes. At the end of the day he always wants to know what we were up to. Sometimes I am worn from the day, so I just say, "Oh, today was good" and kind of leave it at that. Later on I'll mention how Pato seemed a little fussy, which I chalked up to his teeth bothering him. C will then say, "I'd like to hear about those things!" This is just a simple little thing, but C wants to know even the little every-day things.

I love watching him play with our children. He and S love to play with pillows, which is probably why she thinks our bed is one big jungle gym. I love to hear J scream with laughter when Dada tosses him in the air.

Yesterday I was finishing up doing my hair before church, and I could hear C talking to baby J in the other room. He said the sweetest thing...
"Pato, last Father's Day was really good. But this year is so much better. You know why? 'Cause you're here."

What a softie. I love you, love. 

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