What I love about summer...

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer has arrived in Williamsburg. Anyone who knows me knows that summer and I are practically enemies. I'm allergic to temperatures exceeding 83.5 degrees Fahrenheit. As I was unloading the kids from the car today (both of them with cute sweaty foreheads) after letting them play in the nice, cool bookstore, I thought, "You've got to make a list. At least five nice things you can say about summer."

So, here is what I love like about summer:
pedicures that show through your sandals
a real excuse to let my kids run around in diapers
knowing that fall comes next
bright colors in my closet

SIX! I even surpassed my goal. Yes, I did not include water activities such as the pool or the beach. I like going to the pool. It's fine. The beach is cool, too. But, one day of beach is plenty for me. 

On a totally different note...yesterday I was at the (same) bookstore...

Okay, pause.  I should stop before I continue. I'm having a hard time thinking of indoor places to take my kids in between naps to beat the heat. This bookstore has a) trains b) blocks and c)books (duh) d) cupcakes e) not a ton of people, so my kids are really happy there. So if you're thinking, "Gosh, do they go anywhere else??" The answer is no. Well, yes. But mostly no.

Back to the story. I ran into a lady from S's music class. We hadn't seen her since around the time J was born, so we chatted for a little bit. She asked me what I did to lose the baby weight, and I told her honestly (and I recognize this is not the same with everybody) it was mostly from nursing baby J. "Huh? You're still nursing him?" she asked. When I told her that yes, I am still nursing him, she looked at me like I had just told her I was born six feet tall. J is just short of nine months...that's not crazy long. 

Additionally... I am of the mindset that if a mama wants to nurse her baby till he's fifty-five, she has every right to. (But, don't get mad at me if I give you really weird creeped out looks.)


Anonymous said...

How odd--isn't the AAP or AMA recommendation that mothers nurse for 12 months if possible? She should at least wait until J is over a year old to give you strange looks! Although nursing him after 12 months is also fine, of course. I guess he seems a bit young for it to be "odd" that you're still nursing.

Karim Jones said...

You know, I'm not sure. I know that this is a tricky subject since some mothers opt to not nurse at all, and others are simply not able to do so (either their working, bodies can't produce enough milk to keep up with the babies needs, etc.) I was able to nurse S until she was six months (and only once a day) because I was pregnant with J. I think that is a personal decision that every mother must make, but yeah, I thought it was a bit odd. So excited for your little guy! Ahh! P.S: Seriously, but seriously, I need to visit your blog more. You are hilarious. And I will comment like crazy.

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