Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Challenge: A Day in the pictures. It was hard to document everything, so a lot isn't included. But, here was what I was able to document.
Wake up (for good.) Nurse Baby J. Breakfast.
Take S outside while Pato take's his morning nap. Get dressed. (Ugh, could selfies be any more awkward?)
Get Pato dressed when he wakes up. Drop C off on campus. Make lunch for S.

Lunch for J. Dishes. Laundry.
Get my cuddle on with J. My special alone time with him while sister naps. Then, he takes an afternoon nap.

We all play in sister's room for a while.
Snack time.
Frozen yogurt. Watching the fountain. Playing with trains and blocks at the bookstore.
Another nursing/cuddle session with J. C feeds S her dinner. Family time before the babes are down for the night at 6:00.


Gage said...

Hey Karim!

Looks like a fun day! I seriously LOVE the little peeks of your house and how you've decorated, in the photos - you should do a house tour sometime because I would love to copy some of your ideas ;)

You have an adorable family!

Becky | Apples of Gold said...

Oh. my. goodness!!!
What a sweet family you've got!
I love these photos.
They totally capture all the love you and your hubs have for your kiddies.

The last line of this post hit me HARD.
Down for the night at 6?!
I hear angels singing!!
That is pretty darn amazingful. =)

Found you via Instagram/ Jenni's May Challenge.

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