Memorial Day

Monday, May 27, 2013

We had friends over today, and C grilled. On tap: balsamic mustard grilled steak sliders with feta, grilled corn (only way we can eat it now) and I whipped up a grapefruit and avocado salad. Plus, Brazilian lemonade. I got the recipe here. (Thanks, Brooke!) C has offered to teach me how to use our grill many times, but secretly, I like not knowing how to even turn it on. Heaven forbid I should actually be asked to make something on there...I'll stick to the salad.

I keep telling myself that someday...someday...she will be still in a picture with me without flinging herself out of my arms. Maybe when she's thirty.

My guys.
S using her powers of escape on the left. We gave up at attempting to get a shot of us all, so we let the uncooperative one in the group go. Can I take a second to talk about J's bottom two teeth? They are adorable. Not so adorable when he bites me when I'm nursing him. He'll go days without biting, and then all of a sudden will do it each time. I've tried flicking his ear, and get really mixed reactions. Sometimes he laughs, other times he gives me the saddest "How could you?" face and cries.
Not looking but at least he's not trying to escape.

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