Sunday, May 12, 2013

Challenge: What do you miss?

Things I Miss...

  • Innocent Brand apple juice. We would get this several times a week in London. Liquid crack I tell ya. 
  • Speaking of apple juice... when I was little my mom would walk me to school, and every morning, we would stop and buy me a Martinelli's apple juice that comes in those apple shaped glass bottles. I loved that. And I miss it.
  • Family and friends that I have made that don't live close to me. Thank goodness for cell phones/ texting/ Instagram. 
  • Sleeping in past 8. Oh, I miss it.
  • Sleeping through an entire night without a single waking. 
  • Taking a nap everyday. Yeah, I used to do that.
  • Looking forward to Lost every week. (I don't miss all the confusion that came with it.)
  • Not having to pay for health insurance. 
  • Utah. That place was good to us. 
  • When Facebook was limited to college students. It's gotten crazy now. 
  • Playing field hockey. You better believe I'll be brainwashing S into playing. 
  • No baggage fees. 

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