Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Challenge: Ten things that make you really happy.
Runner up for this list: avocados. So delicious with tonight's dinner.
My babies. Everything they do. Every moment with them. I could make an entire list of a million things that make me the most happy and they would be a central part of each item on that list.

Summer Grilling Diaries. The one thing I truly love about summer is that my husband fires up the grill several times a week. And it's awesome! He is seriously a grill master.

Traveling. I can't think of a place I don't want to go to.

Finding an awesome show on Netflix that already has multiple seasons available to watch.

That feeling when you wake up in the morning, and you realize your babies are still sleeping.

When you're teaching someone something, and you can see the moment when it finally clicks and it makes sense to them.

Making breakfast for my family on Saturday mornings.

Downtime with my husband when the kids are in bed, the toys are put away, and the dishwasher is on in the background.

Giving someone a present that you can tell they love.

When C comes home and brings me surprises (cookies, magazines, flowers, candy, a Coke)...which is quite often. I'm pretty lucky.

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