The things you are most afraid of.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Funny that today's question was something we were just talking about with our friends earlier tonight. We talked about our different fears/phobias (clowns, sharks, spiders.) Now I get to sit down and actually think about it.

The things I am most afraid of...
(In no particular order.)

Losing one of my children. 

Losing anyone I love.

Crickets. I didn't know I was afraid of crickets until I moved to Virginia. I'm only afraid of them when they are in my house. Those things are huge and they can jump.

Not being a good mom.


Coyotes. From the time I was four until I was six I had a recurring dream about coyotes. I dreamt that I was trapped in the basement of a house that was in the middle of nowhere and ravenous coyotes came running from every corner of the earth to eat me. I seriously had this dream at least 2-3 times a week.

A bucket of milk getting poured over my head. I don't know that this is really a fear, except that it would really make me lose it. I'm talking tears. I have weird issues with milk and maybe I'll address it in some random future post.

Going too fast. (Driving too fast, sledding too fast, etc.)

Driving in the rain. I developed this fear when we drove from Utah to Virginia a few years ago. We hit a major storm in St. Louis, and I think I kept my eyes squeezed shut for an hour straight while C drove. I had no doubt in my mind that we would get into an accident. I was just hoping it would be a minor one. (In case you were wondering...we made it accident-free.)

Someone breaking into my home. I never take a shower when I'm home alone.

To be honest, now this list is starting to scare me. 


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