Memory Lane: Bolton

Thursday, May 2, 2013

I'm fully aware that C and I are probably the only two that care about me documenting feel free to skip through the boring stuff. Mom, you probably care, I guess.

On board our first plane. Long story short, we stayed on the ground close to two hours before they moved us to a different plane due to mechanical problems. This was already a red-eye, so to say we were not pleased is putting it lightly. The babes did pretty well, all things considered. We packed treats for the 15 people lucky enough to sit around us. Scored us some much needed points.

In case you were wondering what jetlag looks like. The first few hours after we landed we were pretty much zombies. We all took a three hour nap as soon as we arrived to our place, and amazingly, the kids had zero problem adjusting to the time change. What troopers. The second picture is blurry, but it totally captures our first day. Disheveled and so exhausted. J even slept as big sister climbed all over him.
The view outside the master room window. Everything was so green, and it rained every day. Not heavy, but just enough to keep everything cool and damp.

The door to our flat had a cool old-looking key to it.

The house next door.

Anytime it wasn't raining, we tried to play outside.

C would often come home with goodies for me after spending his day researching. Chocolate and magazines? My type of immersion.

European showers. Definitely don't miss that. By the end of our trip I had almost figured out how to take a shower without getting the entire bathroom wet. Although, I think S liked the deep tubs. This particular bath was green for St. Patrick's Day.

We went on walks to pass the day and S liked to be my helper and carry our umbrella.

Trying fish and chips for our first time. We were fans of the mushed green peas that came along with them.

S and her Pato.

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