Friday, May 10, 2013

Challenge: Most embarrassing moment.

I actually am not a fan of this prompt. I've been asked this question so many times and honestly, I really don't have a really embarrassing moment. Maybe I just don't get embarrassed? Do I do dumb stuff that I think some people would be embarrassed about? Probably daily. So, this is what I came up with that I guess I was maybe mildly embarrassed about.

In college, I worked in the advertising department of our school newspaper. Basically, I worked with a set of clients and helped them advertise in our paper and other special sections. On one day, I had a meeting with the marketing director of one of the local housing companies. I had worked with him before, but today, I was pitching him the advertising campaign I had come up for him for that school year. The meeting was with him, one other man, and one other woman. All were at least fifteen years older than me.

The meeting went well and I was packing up my stuff to leave. The main guy had said something funny and we were all laughing. I accidentally knocked over my bag, and out fell three or four feminine products right on the table. Smack dab in the in the middle of the table and basically at the hands of the marketing director. 

"Oops," I said. I packed up my things and apologized. I then said I'd get the revisions to him that he had asked for. And then I left.

I suppose it was a big awkward. I could do without repeating that. 

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